Monday, May 15, 2006


Can You Hear Me Now?

Only AT&T, Sprint and MCI admit cooperating with Bush's plan to spy on American phone conversations without warrants, but many other firms are no doubt involved as well. According to a recent article in The Nation, the NSA could always tap into trunk lines on the ocean floor with submarines, but getting Corporate America to let them in the front door is "cheaper". Presumably that means cheaper for the taxpayer, too - but you can only hope for so much. One wonders if the cost of violating our privacy will be tacked onto our phone bills as yet another "hidden cost".

According to authorities on communications law, all firms that cooperate with Bush's spying initiative are legally culpable, and potentially liable to litigation. "Arguing that this is legal," one asserts, "is basically saying we're in a police state." Well, duh...

"Watching What You Say" from The Nation

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