Sunday, May 14, 2006


Do We Want Profit To Come Before Family?

This article was published several weeks ago, but it is appropriate for Mother's Day. It decries the modern corporate attitude of putting work above all other concerns - including family. It also implies that multinational corporations with American business values are putting pressure on European societies to discard their concerns for social welfare and worker privileges, such as long vacations and short work weeks, and conform to the American model of non-stop wage slavery. The situation is unlikely to get any better.

Some social theorists believe that, ironically, those social conservatives most likely to knuckle under to corporate totalitarianism are also those who will have the most children. The effect of this could be that future generations will be more obedient than ever to an economic dictatorship that cares less and less about their own personal lives. The coalescence of these two trends is utterly contradictory, and seems totally untenable, but it is exactly what is happening.

"Stop Feeding The Work Monster" from The Progressive

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