Thursday, May 11, 2006


Internet Access Should Be A Right, Not A Privilege

Robert Reich has written another interesting piece in American Prospect denouncing the proposal of certain communications giants to establish Internet piping companies that will charge content providers for service. The catch is that these companies would provide different levels of service quality at different prices, favoring those content providers who can pay the most. This would put the rest of us at a marked disadvantage. Mr. Reich doesn't like that idea any better than the rest of us would. He suggests that one way to stymie this scheme to provide preferential access to rich corporations would be to remind those corporations that they, too, would end up paying more for what they are already getting dirt cheap. In other words, defer the struggle to A Battle Between The Greed Monsters, and just stay out of their way. Works for me...

"The War of Internet Democracy" from American Prospect

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