Tuesday, May 23, 2006


New Book On Downsizing And The Damage It Does

Check out The Disposable American: Layoffs And Their Consequences, by Louis Uchitelle. This new book reminds us that, prior to the early 1970's, the vast majority of Americans still held long-term jobs. It also demonstrates that the industries with the highest levels of downsizing are generally the least profitable - even after downsizing takes place. Nor is this book the GOP-bashing manifesto that some might imagine it to be. Bill Clinton is soundly criticized for his laissez-faire attitude towards corporate downsizing and for allowing the remaining legal barriers to the practice to be torn away. Most importantly, it documents the human cost of downsizing, which all of must remember. Downsizings have become routine, even blase, to corporate heads and readers of business news alike, but to us they should be like Alamos and Pearl Harbors and 9/11's occurring over and over again - and should never be forgotten.

"Downsizing America's Future" from The Louisiana Weekly
"Book Review: 'The Disposable American': from Investor's Business Daily
The Disposable American by Louis Uchitelle at Amazon.com

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