Sunday, June 25, 2006


Corporate Crybabies

The Business & Media Institute has been watching a lot of TV lately, and they don't like what they see. Businessmen are portrayed in a negative light, they say, citing plots that feature "criminal CEOs and murdering MBAs". All I can say is: Oh my goodnish! Po' wittle babies, you're tho thenstive! How you thuffer from being teased! Well, look at it this way, dudes - getting teased is better than getting taxed. Even the crimes that you get, ahem, "accused of" are ridiculous grand guignol kinds of acts that have nothing to do with what you really do to the American people. No TV crime show I've seen lately ever dwells on the quiet atrocities of downsizing, bullying or brainwashing - not to mention the escalating inequality between your compensation and the suppressed wages of your underlings. Thank God the evil media doesn't rub your nose in that. Besides, almost every group has had a bad image in the media at one time or another. You have been relatively fortunate. You have acquired a bad image not for what you are, necessarily, but for what you do - and you can always change that. Your depiction as murderers and conspirators may have scant literal truth, but it has plenty of figurative truth. You may not be taking lives, but you destroy livelihoods as often as you eat breakfast. If you want to be portrayed as saints, then act like saints. At least share your profits, for the love of Christ.

"On TV, There's a Killer Corporate Image Problem" from the Washington Post

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