Friday, June 16, 2006


Corporate Interrogation Techniques

Forget Guantanamo - we have detainees in corporate torture chambers now! According to Ralph Nader, many companies retain agents trained in police interrogation tactics. When an employee is suspected of a petty crime, the security guards take him into a room where he is bullied for hours at a time. None of this is controlled by any laws on the books. There is no Miranda warning to protect an employee against the consequences of anything he says, there is no right to have an attorney present, and blatant deception and false evidence are freely employed to exact a confession. AutoZone recently sequestered an employee accused of stealing $800 in a closed room for three hours, promising to let him keep his job only if he confessed. To save his job, which he needed to support his family, he did confess - even though he was innocent of the charges. AutoZone nonetheless fired him anyway, after subtracting the missing amount from his final paycheck. The employee later sued, and was awarded a $7.5 millon settlement by the court. Here is a yet another illustration of the undemocratic nature of the corporate state, and its totalitarian power over our lives.

"A Corporate Abuse- Coerced Confessions" from IndyBay

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