Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Phoenix or The Cuckoo

The American people have pretty much figured out by now that the economic agenda of the GOP favors the tiny minority of the ultra-rich over the welfare of the rest of us. Their strategy in the past has been to bait the hook with a fulsome and disingenuous invocation of Faith, Family and Freedom, and then reel in their prey with economic policies which they know the American public will not truly understand. But that's all over now. Everyone understands all too well how few Americans those policies are intended to benefit. Now is the moment for the Democratic party to recapture the flag. The article at the link below summarizes two competing Democratic tactics - that of the cuckoo, who will lay the eggs of social reform in the nest of conservatism, and that of the phoenix, who will rise from the ashes of the Democratic party's past defeats with a new and more dynamic liberalism. Which would you choose?

"Markets And The Common Good" from TomPaine.commonsense

My blue collar rights will kick your white collar rights any day
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