Tuesday, June 13, 2006


U.S. Soft On Corporate Crime

Below is a link to a nice little litany of corporate crime in America. There are some "where are they now?" updates on various money-mad malefactors of bygone times. Remember Ivan Boesky? He was the model for Gordon Gekko, the Michael Douglas character in Wall Street who declared, "Greed is good." For his insider trading, Boesky did minimal jail time and walked away with 25 million. How about Michael Milken, the Junk Bond Bandit? Originally sentenced to ten years behind bars, he did only twenty-two months, most of that in community service - and retained a cool $1.2 billion of his criminal earnings. An average Joe robbing a gas station for 500 bucks is likely to do more time in jail. Why? The rich guys can hire the best lawyers. They can't fool the American people though. Surveys report that 90 percent of us believe corporate executives wield too influence over government, and only 2 percent consider corporate bosses "very trustworthy". Maybe the times, they are a-changin', as the poet says.

"United States: Still Soft on (Corporate) Crime" from Axis of Logic

Incidentally, check out the cool Corporate Crime comics at the link below:

Corporate Crime comics

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