Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Work Stress Causes Hypertension (Yawn...)

According to a recent study at Laval University in Quebec, work stress among white collar workers irrefutably causes hypertension. The study was conducted over a period of 7.5 years with nearly seven thousand subjects. Those most at risk are men, but both men and women are prone to developing high blood pressure in environments where they receive little support from their employers or fellow workers. Environments, in other words, like the modern corporation where workers are regarded as disposable instruments rather than as human beings, where hours are long, benefits are minimal, competition is ruthless, and the Damoclean threat of layoffs hangs over them day and night. Curiously, we were able to find word of this study almost exclusively from web news outlets based in the United Kingdom, India and Pakistan. I wonder why it has been so underreported in the United States. Oh, right - news agencies are "corporations", too - aren't they? Then again, maybe from the U.S. perspective this is simply old news.

"Tip Sheet for August 2006: Social Ties and Health" from Newswise
"Research links workplace stress to high blood pressure" from PersonnelToday.com
"Job stress causes blood pressure rise and damages worker's health" from InjuryWatch.com

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