Sunday, August 06, 2006


More On White Collar Blood Pressure

A study at Laval University in Quebec on 6,719 subjects over seven years indicates that stress most definitely increases blood pressure in white collar workers, especially men. We reported on this finding several weeks ago, but it is still just circulating (no pun intended) amongst the world press, and is worth a hearty (again no pun intended) re-emphasis. Just as an aside, it is interesting to note that reports of this study continue to be more voluminous - and more frank in the conclusions they reach - in other countries, such as China, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

The authors of the study call attention to the fact that a strong social support system at the workplace helps retard the onset of hypertension and can mitigate its severity. "Strong social support" is perhaps harder to come by in an age where your colleagues are here one moment, gone the next, as downsizing wipes them off the planet of your particular corporation, but what can ya do? One wonders whether or not the rampant escalation of whip-cracking that so plagues American corporate culture these days is, in fact, the result of collusion between companies seeking to streamline "productivity" and pharmaceutical firms who want new customers for their blood pressure medicine. I wouldn't put that past either party.

"Blood pressure surges in stressed-out workers" from MSNBC
"You were right: Job stress elevates blood pressure, study says" from CNN

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