Tuesday, September 05, 2006


White Collar Hypertension Yet Again

Recent studies about white collar workers and hypertension have attracted the attention of high profile news folks, however belatedly. ABC's Diane Sawyer has tackled the issue. We should consider ourselves blessed - nay, not merely blessed, but enlightened. Here are some details this blog has not reported on before.

1) Hypertension is associated with overwork: People who work more than 40 hours a week are 14 percent more likely to develop high blood pressure.

2) Hypertension is worse among white collar workers than blue collar workers: Researchers believe this difference can be attributed the nature of blue collar jobs, which provide more physical exercise.

3) Jobs with mental stimulation can help offset hypertension: Those in clerical white collar positions suffer more from hypertension than professionals. This suggests that having mentally engaging work can help forestall hypertension. (However, this can also be interpreted simply to mean that underlings are more stressed than the top dogs.)

Access the link below for the full story.

"ABC's Sawyer: 'We're Working Ourselves To Death" from the Business & Media Institute

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