Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Beware Anti-Union TV Ads

At the link below, you'll find an article about an anti-union organization called the Center for Union Facts. This group is funded by a lobbyist whose motivations are notoriously mercenary, and means not to enlighten the public about labor unions, but to destroy them on the behalf of pro-business Republicans. The Center for Union Facts has produced a TV ad that exploits the cuteness of little girls in much the same manner as that infamous anti-Goldwater TV ad of 1964, in which the image of a girl counting the petals of a flower morphs into the countdown for a nuclear blast. The current ad shows a little girl reading a report on how the satanic labor unions of America fund pro-worker political candidates with union dues. The teacher is depicted as horror-stricken - which is deeply ludicrous in view of the fact that teachers are themselves members of a union, and need union support as much as anyone else. So do nurses, firemen, and policemen. And yet any aid given to a candidate who supports the interests of such worthy citizens is portrayed as equivalent to helping round up Jews in Nazi Germany. That is what our pro-business Republican Congressmen are stooping to these days, in their desperation to retain a majority in an election year in which more and more American voters view President Bush and his pro-war, pro-business, anti-worker and anti-middle class policies with what one journalist has called "visceral disgust". Just thought you'd like to know...

"Worse Than Union Busting" from

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