Thursday, November 23, 2006


How To Take All Those Leftovers To The Office

Once Turkey Day is done, you are stuck with all those leftovers. What to do? Take them to work with you. According to the article cum produce placement at the link below, "We all know packing lunch is healthier and cheaper than ordering out." I don't know about healthier - that's depends on what you bring in. But it's certainly cheaper. Munching away in your cube like a rat in its hole may also be the only mode of self-nurturance you have time for. So exploit what you've got, pack your Thanksgiving vittles into "Caribbean blue" Tupperware, and become the star attraction of the office microwave set. While you're at it, consider the irony of eating food meant to be shared with your loved ones in the cold gray heart of an institution that would declare you redundant yesterday if it could. Bon appetit!

"Brown Bagging It With A Sense Of Style" from The Miami Herald

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