Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Is Your Boss A Scrooge?

Slate magazine has invited readers to submit stories about bosses who engage in flamboyantly stingy behavior during the holiday season. You know what I mean. No parties, no bonuses, no PTO and insulting chintzy gifts (if any). Unfortunately, the deadline has already passed - but Slate promises to publish the plums from that vast pudding of corporate Scrooginess next week.

According to the consulting firm Hewitt Associates, 67 percent of the companies surveyed are not paying bonuses this year, up from 59 percent last year, and only 65 percent have planned holiday parties, down from 74 percent in 2005. As Slate says, "This trend isn't surprising. Of late, America's CEOs have acted like a bunch of Scrooges all year round. As profits have soared to record levels, they've been unwilling to share the bounty with employees in the form of substantially higher wages, benefits, and bonuses."

"Bad Corporate Santa: Tell us about your Scrooge-like employer" from Slate

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