Monday, January 22, 2007


Even Scientific American Says Downsizing Is Bad For You

Yowza, boss! It's now official scientific fact. Downsizing is bad for you. The Scientific American has seen fit to publish a brief notice confirming that workers who merely survive a downsizing - much less succumb to one - are 50 percent more likely to be prescribed antidepressants or sedatives in the wake of a corporate decimation. Get that? Those who survive a downsizing are suffering!

Nonetheless, this is scarcely old news. What is new - at least to me - is seeing this kind of article in an esteemed publication like Scientific American. I would like some neo-con journalist of the type that scribbles for Tech Central Station - you know, the would-be libertarian, Atlas Shrugged-thumbing hack who yearns to nuzzle the crotches of billionaires while basking in deluded self-satisfaction over breaking 700 in his Math SAT circa 1986... I would like see some asshole like that rationalize them apples - you know what I'm saying? Up with scientific fact, for once, and down with smarmily sophistic apologias from the sycophants of the heedless rich.

"Downsizing harms employees' mental health" from Scientific American

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