Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Grumpy Workers Are More Creative

Does the guy in the next cubicle scowl and behave irascibly? Take heart. So did Beethoven. Your neighbor might have the wildest imagination in the company.

According to recent scientific research conducted at Houston's Rice University, workers who express the lowest level of job satisfaction tend to be more creative. At the same time, your typically agreeable, compliant, and smiling corporate drone may well be the least creative of all. Those with the power to detect the deficiencies in their environment will tend to be more dissatisfied, and their dissatisfaction can be a catalyst to change. Such individuals are forced to innovate to make their situation bearable, and some of these innovations can increase productivity, or otherwise change the corporate culture for the better. Non-creative but entirely cooperative workers can still serve a purpose in performing routine tasks that rarely require independent thinking, but managers should not overlook the potential value of the malcontents among them.

Check out the story at the link below, and be proud that you are dissatisfied. I know I am.

"When negative thinking is job 1: A new study finds a link between grumpy workers and creativity" from The Toronto Star

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