Wednesday, February 14, 2007


ExxonMobil Has Its Head Stuck In Sand On Global Warming

Reeling ecstatically from its record-breaking 39.5 billion dollar profits in 2006, ExxonMobil is careening out of its usual self-absorbed orbit to put the kibosh on any initiatives to head-off global warming. CEO Rex Tillerson told the concerned at Davos that renewable energy sources will never represent more than two percent of the world's energy supply, and aggressively engages lobbyists to suppress the fight against global warming with misinformation and junk science. As The Nation points out, Tillerson's statement at Davos is itself a lie, as renewable energy sources already represent four percent of the total energy supply. ExxonMobil's actions have spurred a public interest coalition called ExposeExxon to combat the company's shameful stance on global warming.

Go to the link below to read more about ExposeExxon, and how you can lend your support.

"The Rich Get Greedier" from The Nation

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