Friday, March 09, 2007


Neocons' Worship Of CEOs Is At Odds With "Family Values"

Here is a thoughtful piece from The American Prospect about the hypocrisy of the neo-conservatives. While they applaud the brutal "new economy" with its frequent recourse to layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring, and its steady diminishment of pensions, health care and overtime, they condemn the collapse of the American family. Today only 23.7 percent of households are two parent families with children, while the figure was twice that about 50 years ago. The neo-conservatives blame the sixties for disrupting the sanctity of family life with its emphasis on permissiveness and its focus on the self. In fact, it was the Reagan years of the eighties when the average family really began to fall apart. The key to its destruction was the new attitude of employers towards their middle-class and working-class employees. No longer could these individuals depend on a stable source of income for the duration of their working lives, and that new instability reverberated throughout their personal lives, causing countless marriages to collapse, and forcing millions to delay marriage and children - or to forego them altogether.

Read the article below, and relish the irony of how the pompous fools of the conservative right undermined the very values they presume to cherish.

"The Family Values Sham" from The American Prospect

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