Sunday, March 04, 2007


Some Facts And Figures

Here's a sample of interesting statistics garnered from various surveys:

45 percent of U.S. workers have been told that their use of computer technology is monitored by management.

69 percent of U.S. workers surf the web while at work.

69 percent of U.S. workers make or receive personal calls at work using their office phone.

55 percent of U.S. workers send and receive personal messages through their work email accounts.

1.02 billion cellphones were shipped to consumers worldwide in 2006.

833 billion cellphones were shipped in 2005.

90 percent of women in management and the professions have taken advantage of flexible work arrangements at some point in their careers.

70 percent of U.S. executives say their companies do not deserve their customers' loyalty.

These and other facts and figures can be found at the link below.

"Figuratively Speaking" from The Arizona Daily Star

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