Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Surviving Office Life - An Anthology

Here is an amusing selection of Office Life oddments from New York Magazine. It is divided into following departments that include:

Boss Science: The psychopathology of the modern corporate leader (you may or may not be surprised to learn that there is little overlap between Climbers and True Leaders, or between Charisma and Performance, but that Narcissism might get you into the corner office anyway)

Rooms to Work: Inner sanctums of Marc Jacobs, Martha Stewart, Michael Bloomberg, and other type A’s (i.e., the surprisingly messy offices of the rich and famous)

Code of Conduct: Office horror stories, and how not to become the star of one (don't ask...)

The Successful Tantrum: How to win by losing it (i.e., winning by being a baby - how tyrants are born)

The Cubicle Bard: "It" novelist Joshua Ferris gives us the nonfiction on his working life (the reality is as pathetic as the fiction)

Taxonomy of Office Creatures: A guide to exterminating the office pest

"Office Life: A Survival Guide" from New York Magazine

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