Sunday, May 13, 2007


70% Of Chinese White Collars Overworked

Globalization extends the benefits - and the disadvantages - of unbridled capitalism even to "communist" nations. According to a survey conducted by Beijing Normal University, 70 percent of Chinese white collar workers put in more than 10 hours a day. This has raised concerns that excess overtime will damage the health of these workers and shorten their lives. Although job stress was apparently a rare phenomenon among Chinese white collar workers just three years ago, millions are now complaining of overwork and lack of sleep. One female office worker at a "foreign-funded company" reported that she had not come home before 10:00 PM in the last three months. In a development that will strike a chord with millions of Americans as well, "most white-collar workers are stressed at the thought of losing their jobs or being able to 'survive' in the fierce employment market."

"Seven in ten Chinese white collar workers overworked, stressed: survey" from People's Daily Online
"Too much toil deprives us of health, humanity" from Shanghai Daily

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