Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Absurd New Device Turns Office Treadmill Into Fitness Tool

The Mayo Clinic, of all people, has developed a bizarre but innovative work station - or should we say "workout station" - that combines a computer, a keyboard and a treadmill. It can also be customized, providing "storage for personal items such as flower vase, cup holder, pen holder or paper tray" - in short, all the comforts of home! The thought is that workers who are able to walk along on the treadmill while doing their work at the computer could burn an extra 100 calories an hour. It is targeted towards obese American white collar workers whose numbers, as we know, are expanding. The machine's developers claim that "if obese individuals were to replace time spent sitting at the computer with walking computer time by two to three hours a day, and if other components of energy balance were constant, a weight loss of 20-30 kilograms per year could occur." The device could be installed in private homes as well to, say, allow video-gaming teenagers to slim down their butts while engaged in their favorite activities. The combination of computer and treadmill is intended to relieve the tedium of exercise. Unfortunately, installing such a device at the workplace might result only in compounding the tedium of exercise with that of ordinary workaday drudgery. The devices apparently cost nearly 2,000 U.S. dollars apiece. At those prices, it's not likely we'll be seeing cubicle workers on treadmills anytime soon.

"Get Slim On The Office Treadmill" from BBC News

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