Friday, May 25, 2007


Corporate Hall Of Shame

Here is a website where you can vote for "the most abusive, manipulative and harmful" corporations in America. The top nominees include the following, among whom you will no doubt recognize some of the usual suspects.

1) Coca Cola - for stealing water from thirsty people in India and harassing union activists in Colombia.

2) Exxon Mobil - for helping stall actions to save the planet from global warming.

3) Ford - for impeding improvements on auto emissions, and awarding its CEO $28 million (for four months work) while planning to downsize 30,000.

4) Halliburton - for under-delivering on its government contracts and attempting to evade U.S. taxes by setting up headquarters in Dubai.

5) Kimberly-Clark - for turning the oldest forests of America into toilet paper.

6) Merck - for keeping Vioxx on the market when they knew it caused heart attacks, and for trying to prevent Thailand from using generic AIDS drugs.

7) Nestle - for exploiting child labor in foreign lands, and for making Americans fatter than ever.

8) Wal-Mart - for underpaying its workers while destroying local businesses and condoning sexual discrimination.

"Corporate Hall of Shame 2007"

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