Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Curse Of Cubicle Culture

"Call it the curse of the cubicle culture," says the article at the link below. "The repetitive nature of typing, the constant pressure on the back from sitting, and the often awkward use of telephones are causing painful and debilitating injuries in today's higher-tech offices." Office workers are three to five times as likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, than others. The article describes a test cubicle dwellers can perform on themselves to see if they may be "candidates for surgery." The test involves pinching your nose with your index finger and your pinkie. Both fingers should have the same level of feeling as your nose. If your index finger is a tad numb, it's time to see a doctor. Otherwise you might lose pay - or your job. Workers with severe repetitive motion injuries can "miss 34 to 72 days of work" a year.

Headaches and back pain are also major workplace complaints. The article describes how to position your monitor and keyboard correctly, and advises taking breaks now and then to rest your back, your shoulders, your eyes and other essential body parts. See the link below for more detail, including concise ergonomic recipes for survival inside those ever perilous cubicles...

"Computer Injuries" from Proud.com (Central Illinois)

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