Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Idol Chatter At The Office

37 percent of American workers say American Idol is the most popular TV show at the office, according to a recent survey of 2,792 "employed adults". 21 percent admit to chattering about the show on company time, and 10 percent fess up to "debating about the contestants." Women are more likely to discuss TV shows at work - or at least to admit it - 27 percent versus a figure of 15 percent among men. (Unless the species has changed dramatically in recent years, most men still prefer to discuss sports more than anything else.)

Some workers appear to think that prattling about TV shows is "good for business". Around 44 percent believe the discussions promote "camaraderie" at the workplace, with the percentage rising to 54 percent among the cohorts aged 18-24 and 30-39. Only 6 percent of workers admit to discussing "The Office" at the office, which may suit their managers just as well. Who wants to hear about a show that mirrors the sad reality of one's life, as opposed to one - like American Idol - that provides the fantasy of deliverance from obscurity.

"Is 'American Idol' Good for Business?" from Inc.com

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