Thursday, May 17, 2007


It Can Happen Here

Huey Long once said, "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the American flag." Those words ring truer now than they ever did, what with the snooping and illegal incarceration activities of Homeland Security - indeed, the very name "Homeland Security" - and much else that is happening now in our troubled republic. According to the item at the link below, the American masses not might, but will rebel against the systematic destruction of their economic security by clamoring for a quasi-socialist government. Their efforts may either cause the current government to impose a fascist regime to protect itself from the rebels - or the rebels themselves will unwittingly bring into power a government with socialist pretensions that rapidly mutates into fascism. The author of the item invokes the economic chaos of post-World War One Germany as an analogue for modern America with its polarized society and its collapsing middle class. He claims that our nation has reached the end of the first phase on the road to fascism, and that we will reach that horrific destination soon, if not in our lifetime, then in the lifetimes of our children.

I've heard this sort of argument before - something like it has played out in my own mind many times - and I can't help but agree with it. Read it - not so much for itself, but for what it causes you to think about - and then tell me you aren't worried. It's not that it's even a particularly good editorial, it simply voices what all of us fear despite ourselves.

"Outsourcing Could Lead To Fascism In America" from OpEdNews

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