Tuesday, May 22, 2007


A Treasure Trove Of Anti-Corporate Screeds From The Nation

Here is a veritable treasure trove of articles from The Nation that fall under the rubric "Corporate Accountability and Responsibility" - most of which I've not yet read myself actually, although I hope to soon. The topics covered include legislative control of executive compensation, corporate collusion with national surveillance programs, airline monopolies, public accountability for corporate crimes, the "fencing off" of the Internet, and much else. If you're not by nature a slavish and deluded sycophant of corporate leadership, and have an old-fashioned "pinko" (e.g., liberal) sensibility like yours truly, you will enjoy these articles. Read them even if all your heroes (thus far) are billionaires - they might enlighten you.

"Corporate Responsibility & Accountability" from The Nation

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