Friday, June 08, 2007


Baby Boom Among The Cubicle Dwellers

Here is a quasi-humorous article about a phenomenon that almost anyone who works in an office these days has observed - the ubiquity of pregnant woman in the workplace. The article has little to provide other than wry observation, but it does make the point that a preponderance of pregnancies can result in bonding among employees who might not otherwise interact. To me, the phenomenon underscores the fact that the white collar workplace is among the most diverse in human history, and that diversity alone ought to shield us against the dismissal and derision of those who see us as oppressors (e.g., Ward Churchill calling the office workers of the Twin Towers "little Eichmanns") as well as of those who see us as their inferiors (any number of journalists, academics, artists, high-level executives and professionals with advanced degrees). Once we acknowledge that the office has become a microcosm of humanity, and stop caricaturizing it as a narrow community of hopeless drones, the more respect we will have both in our own eyes and in the eyes of others.

"The Office: What to Expect When They’re Expecting" from

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