Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Microsoft Urges Brits To Work In Tree-Houses

In an effort to sell the concept of a wireless office, a Microsoft division in the UK recently exhorted Britons to work outdoors "by erecting a 'tree-office' in Pimlico Gardens on the banks of the River Thames in London." Microsoft spokesman James McCarthy said, "We're trying to illustrate the fact that there are more creative ways for people to work these days. A tree house is one, slightly wacky example."

Microsoft says there's no need to work in an office nowadays, and many workers would concur. London research firm Future Laboratory found that 73 percent of workers "considered the ability to work flexibly a deciding factor when choosing a new job" - and that 91 percent wanted out from the "traditional work environment". Most would prefer to work at home, 14 percent would opt for punching the time-clock at the beach, and 10 percent would love to work in a park or (this being Britain, remember) their garden. Telecommuting is fun, green and convenient. What's not to love?

"Britons urged to shun office and work outdoors" from Reuters

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