Thursday, July 26, 2007


Cubicle Culture Column At WSJ

Here is a regular column in The Wall Street Journal that I (pathetically) only just discovered. It's called "Cubicle Culture", and is written on an apparently weekly basis by a journalist named Jared Sandberg. I include a link to column's electronic archive. I've already read several of the entries. One's about what to tell your kids when they ask what you do, and you seem only to talk and to type on a computer keyboard - just like them in their own spare time. Others are about the annoyance of shared electronic office calendars, where you cannot hide from a colleague who wants to include you in a meeting - or how to play dumb to avoid office tasks like changing a toner cartridge or making coffee - or the blessings of not having a speaking relationship with your boss. This column is right in line with some of the lighter aims of the White Collar Warrior blog, so I'll be visiting it frequently in the future.

"Cubicle Culture" archive at The Wall Street Journal

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