Monday, July 30, 2007


White Collar Workers' Day! (in China)

On July 28th, a radio station in Shanghai - Love Radio 103.7 - held a special "White Collar Workers' Day", in conjunction with a local website and the cast of a new Chinese TV office comedy entitled From Nine To None. That title - From Nine To None - refers to the schedules of Chinese white collar workers, which notoriously stretch from nine in the morning to some uncertain hour well after a reasonable quitting time. The "white collar" radio show appears to have been a publicity stunt for the TV show, which is currently in production and will air later in the year. The all-day show addressed "exhaustion from over-work, too much gossip, too much ambition, love affairs at work, when the boss makes a move, who can you trust? How can I get noticed? Neglecting my spouse, and dozens of other topics." There were "workshops" and "surveys", and issues "such as 'annoying meetings,' 'office politics' and 'fun after work'" were discussed by audience members via both the Internet and the live broadcast. Last but not least, the stars of From Nine To None presented "their singing and performing skills during the evening gala at Daning International Commercial Plaza in the city's northern Zhabei District."

It is perhaps comforting to note that even in the People's Republic comical critiques of office life provide opportunities for commercial enterprise.

"White Collars: Let Out Steam!" from

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