Monday, September 10, 2007


The End Has Come

This blog has come to an end - certainly at least for the time being. Writing about the world of the cubicle and the heedless rich bastards who push its inhabitants around has become too demoralizing to continue. Nor, to be honest, do I really feel a sense of solidarity with my fellow white collar workers. My peer group, such as it is, is so widely caricatured as the epitome of mediocrity that it is impossible for anyone with any pride or ambition to identify with it. My natural impulse is to step away from the crowd, turn my back on the injustices and indignities imposed on us by our wealthy overlords - for indeed these appear to be inevitable - and simply cultivate my own garden.

sorry to see you go. it was a thrill Mr. Hellwood! i've been having doubts of my own. and as of late done such unspeakable, regretful things. thereby blunt truth empowers me to shame. alas my insightful and expressive warrior, many of your ratings & tales of injustice are like billows of smoke in a cloud filled sky. they mean naught and move not many, for a very few may ever be moved by mere words.. yet try as we might if we look carefully enough we may see all these very hideous thing within ourselves. like ravenous wolves or demons lying in wait to pounce upon our very soul – these spirits reek havoc and dismay on whom ever they encounter. a dismal, forlorn beast is man.
sorry to see you go mr hellwood. yes there are many bastards out there but you are a saint. I’ve been fighting my own demons of disappointment, failure and regret. and as of late done some most hideous things most unkind to those most dear to me, part of it a reaction to the saddened state of the world round me. thus your insightful expressions my white collar warrior drone will assuredly be missed. I am most regrettably dismayed at this parting that you seem destined to take. my turmoil and quanderous state continues. where shall I vent these frustrations with life? where do we, the minute fraction of the awakened masses go with our anger? are we destined by fate or by awareness, an awakening or quickening of the conscious mind to care?? whatever shall we do?? what of the impurity, and injustices that we must daily be subjected to? shall we slip into mediocrity as or peers?? I say nay. I say go on and be of good cheer and rest a bit my weary knight to fight on another day! I to see many an imperfection amidst.. it surrounds us daily as a shroud. and although your tales of injustice seems at times like billows of smoke in a fog filled sky - they still must be! The fight must continue! for very a few soul can be moved by a word, as many are in slumber of mediocrity indeed! but even the minutest drop of water can ripple endlessly can it not??? as for me I have no battlefield in which to vent my displeasure. I remain greatly moved by your eloquent words. as for me try as I might, I too am just a hideous creature. filled with many of the things that displease. daily like ravenous wolves or demons lying in wait to pounce upon the very soul, there they wait in the shadows. many of us possess these same demons, these dark spirits that sow woeful demoralizing seeds of compliancy. a dismal forlorn beast that is man? yet there is hope. this hope my kind warrior friend, comes from perseverance, forgiving the impasse that our comrades/ and imps such as myself may extol (when impasse not too great) and moving on with the quest!
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